Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Wedding

'this is the coolest wedding I have ever been to, and I wasn't even suppose to be here!'

I remember saying this to my Aunt early in the evening, but it really was true and I'm grateful and honoured that I was able to fill my Pop's place when he couldn't make it.

The wedding was at Brisbane Powerhouse, such an awesome space, and perfect for a small intimate wedding. Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Part of what has been taking up my time!

Part of what has been taking up my time more and more is my Photography! I have finally finished my website, check it out, www.leecyphotography.com.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

This Gypsy is getting itchy feet!

Life has been busy yet we haven't left town for a while. The pull to travel again is getting stronger and stronger. I need to go somewhere, I need to plan and organise our next adventure. First question is; where to??? So many options (the world is a big place after all) I think it needs to be close to Australia (is anything close to here??? there is a reason they sent the convicts here!) we would love to go to Europe again but next time needs to be a long time so for now its else where. Maybe Hong Kong? I don't feel like we saw anything during our jet lagged stopover last time. Anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Finally a nice Park!

It only took us all week but we finally found a nice park WITH a playground! And much to Finn's delight ducks! Also while we were here I bumped into an old friend from my first years at high school, she also has two boys and is still as lovely as ever!


In a bid to focus on something other then trains we went on a waterfall adventure, visiting both Fitzroy Falls and Fairy Bower Falls.
Fitzroy Falls

Edge of the Falls

I found a boy fairy in the fairy bower!

Fairy Bower Falls

And then I found an Imp!
 Ah but low and behold our day was not completely without trains! Conveniently the country link train was due in at Bundanoon just as we finished lunch.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Hugh on a train hunt.

So the next day of our holidays consisted of a really bad chai and a few more markets in the morning (none as good as the previous days) and then ending up in Robertson for the afternoon. It was strange being in Robertson on a Balmy 24 degree sunny day... not at all how I remember it, foggy and rainy would have been much better suited to my memories!

Mum take a photo of my ice cream!

We took a wander up the street to the Old Cheese Factory (and yes we bought more cheese haha), all the while Hugh asking 'can we go and see some trains again?' The Old Cheese Factory sits by what I thought was an old rail line, it has lovely big glass window that face the tracks. So we were halfway through lunch and Hugh had wondered over to the windows and pipes up 'mum here comes a train' yeah yeah buddy if you say so ... next minute thundering pass the window comes a freight train! Voila train heaven again!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Markets and Trains

Our first morning in Bowral happened to be the same morning as the markets, yay! And boy did we hit the jackpot so glad we ventured there before the supermarket. We got all our fresh fruit and veg as well as some local olives and cheeses! All of which was completely delicious.

Climbing was way more fun the fruit and veg!
That afternoon, we unintentionally started a train trend for this holiday. We took the boys to All Aboard Model Railways in Braemar, just a short drive away. They thought it was great! I enjoyed a lazy seat in the autumn sunshine while they watched the trains both inside and outside go round and round.


 They also had a range of Thomas stuff for sale so naturally we added to our collection with a Henry and a Victor.
Keeping a tight hold on his new train..even in his sleep.